Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just something random...

I think I used to miss out on the concept of six word stories, somehow... Lately I've got interested in them, perhaps thanks to my love of haiku. I think I appreciate the depth that just a few words can hold more than I ever used to.
Anyway, I read some really wonderful six word stories around deviantART, and decided to try my hand at them for the first time. The results are...not so great, that's for sure, but I'm really happy that I wrote them! I'm going to work hard to remember to write more, and hopefully I can improve so that when a great bit of inspiration strikes me, I'll have the skills to write an incredible six word story. For now, since the only other things I have hanging about on my computer are terribly unfinished scraps of writing and I'm feeling a need to connect with the online world, I'll post up my first ever attempts at the style.
(Hope someone enjoys, maybe...)

Zip! Closing rips, and then, zip!

White hands on a shredded canvas.

She didn't laugh... A crushing defeat.

Death is drifting on the sea.

Realize gravity's a matter of perspective.

Poof! That's what alchemy's all about.

An orange door. How about you?

(Inspired in part by prompts provided by the dA group Quill-Cafe

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