Monday, May 10, 2010

Poetic travel log

Just some poems I wrote on my trip to UWWG in February. Hope you enjoy, and I'll post some more new stuff soon! :D

Fresh air!
Snow crunching under
Sun shine & the birds

Leaning on the sun warmed leather
Of the car door,
Me and Clyde watch the scenery go by.

Across the sky,
A jet plane blazes
Its white meteor trail.

Rolling snow,
Patterned in trees,
Of sun and shadow.

Flashing sun
And sudden blue light,
On the page of my notebook.

A wisp, a puff, a speck, a line;
Random sketches,
Against the sky.

Tree branches make,
A delicate lace,
Stark against the turquoise,
Of sky lady's dress.

Twisty tree,
Just a flash out my window, but,
I see a walking lady.

Grey and white motion
On the matte grey sky;
Seagulls crisscrossing.

Immersed in hot water,
Snowflakes whip around my head;
I breathe in cold steam.

Ocean stones,
Smooth and clinking,
In my hands. 

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